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10 Healthy Sleep Habits

One of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep is by creating a sleep environment. This can be as simple as limiting noise and keeping the room cool. You can also keep anxiety triggers out of your bedroom. Here are 10 tips to make your bedroom conducive to sleep. Follow these tips for a good night’s sleep. But remember, your bed is a sacred space, and you need to make sure you create it the way you want it.

Set a bedtime routine and stick to it. Most people find it hard to fall asleep after a late dinner, so try to eat a healthy snack before you go to bed. Avoid naps in the afternoon, too, because this can disrupt your sleep. Also, avoid exposure to secondhand smoke, as this can cause sleep problems. Stay away from electronic devices, and try to get to bed earlier every day. Avoid late dinners and fatty or spicy foods, as they can disrupt your sleep.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine before bed. Caffeine is a diuretic and can limit restfulness. Try to avoid caffeine, which is also a diuretic, and keep your bed temperature below 65 degrees. Another helpful tip is to set a regular time for sleeping and wake up. Also, set your bedtime every day to allow yourself at least seven hours of sleep. Try to maintain a consistent bedtime routine. If you sleep later on weekends, try to get up at a similar time every day.

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