Best 9 Productivity Apps You Must Use This Year!

Do you now find it challenging to be productive? You’re lucky that there’s an app to help you with that!  Given the number of distractions everywhere around you, it’s not always easy to keep track of your work. This is the primary explanation behind the development of productivity apps, which help you stay organized, focused, and improve productivity.

Consider these 9 productivity applications to help you finish your job on time, whether you just need a little help keeping up with everyday activities or help to manage your schedule. From time management applications to online planners, we have them all listed below! Download them all using TDS Internet and simplify your life! Plus save money using TDS TV Plus bundles!

  • Todoist

Do you enjoy making lists of things to do? Well, this software eliminates the need for a paper and pen in your pocket. You can create tasks with this straightforward task management app and arrange them according to projects. Also, you can connect and work with other users via the app by sharing and assigning tasks. The app’s free basic version can be downloaded, however, the premium version costs $4 a month.

  • IFTTT (If This Then That)

Automation software called IFTT (If This Then That) enables you to connect and integrate several apps and experiences and apps. The software allows you to automate a variety of tasks and daily routines. For instance, you can set a reminder to eat a snack or set one to call a friend.

You don’t need to perform the most monotonous tasks for the rest of the day.  Use IFTTT to automate monotonous tasks so that you can focus on other, more important tasks. Get this app right away for free on iOS and Android.

  • Calendly

It can be really irritating to exchange emails frequently just to arrange a meeting.  you have a lengthy email thread to track and that can be frustrating.  The majority of companies use Calendly as their go-to scheduling software to set up meetings fast and with no back and forth. All you need to do is set up your Calendly profile and connect your calendar to get started. To make things simpler, you can define your preferences for availability, including time slots.

To set up a meeting, share your Calendly link to let the other party know your availability so they can choose a time that works best for them. There isn’t any back and forth with Calendly! In addition to the free basic plan, the Pro and Premium plans are also available for a fee!

  • fm

Do you enjoy playing music while doing any activity? The purpose of music is to promote relaxation, meditation, focus, and sleep. The music on is designed to help you relax, unwind, focus, and sleep better. This revolutionary app uses scientific study to create and play music depending on your preferences. You only need to install the app which is available for free and listen to some music to relax!

  • Toggl

The UI of Toggle is simple and minimalistic, which sets it apart from other time-tracking apps. Every type of user, including artists, designers, programmers, businesses, and startups, can use this universal app. Additionally, it has a lot of amazing customization tools like custom reports, billable hours, and other features to support you in optimizing your workflow by showing how much time you devote to certain tasks. The app can be downloaded on your desktop, mobile, and browser.

  • MindMeister

We recommend MindMeister if you’re a startup or company manager looking for the best mind-mapping program. It is the greatest mind mapping application for idea generation, project planning, and data visualization. It enables real-time idea sharing, allows you to personalize your maps, and can be used individually or in groups. It can instantly access your map on the cloud, freeing you from having to save data beforehand.

  • Due

You can tell it’s a reminder app by its name. You can use it to set reminders and due dates. You need this software to help you remember if you have a lot on your plate and forget things easily. You can decide when to view notifications for a certain item. Once you choose a time, it will ping and prod you until the given task is marked as finished. The Apple Watch, iPhone, and Mac desktop all automatically sync data. Only Mac desktops and iPhones can use it.

  • Last Pass

You are wasting your valuable time by logging into different accounts every day. When this happens, Last Pass can help! You can effortlessly log into several accounts by storing all of your passwords in one location. It securely keeps all of your digital passwords. You may install Last Pass on your tablet or phone to quickly transfer your details across all platforms. You can use your fingerprint or an automatic app fill to access Last Pass.

  • Evernote

A popular planner and organizer app is Evernote. Due to its ability to take notes, it is popular among students! It’s the ideal tool for centrally storing and managing all of your ideas, thoughts, and notes. You can record notes in a variety of media, including audio, drawings, photographs, PDFs, and many others. Additionally, you can sync all of your notes across several platforms, ensuring that you never lose them when traveling. iOS and Android users can access it.

To Wrap It Up

Everybody uses productivity apps in a different way. You must be very clear about what you’re looking for. Do you need help taking notes? Or are you trying to sharpen your time management skills? Luckily, there is an application for everything on this list!

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