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Five Common Mistakes Students Make in Resume-Writing

The first common mistake students make when writing their resume is focusing on the job description, not on the actual accomplishments. Instead, use concrete examples of your successes to show your value in a job. Also, avoid vague or general terms. Rather, include specific data about your achievements, such as the number of clients you served or the revenue you generated. Employers often skim through resumes, so it’s better to include specific numbers and details than vague examples.

Another common mistake involves not updating your contact information. While most people rarely change their basic contact information, it’s better to make sure it’s still up to date. In fact, you may have even changed your cell phone plan in the past couple of years. This type of mistake should not appear on your resume. Instead, it will turn off employers and make your application look more unattractive.

Spelling and grammar are critical for your resume. While it’s tempting to use jargon and acronyms, remember that hiring managers don’t always know all the lingo. Use a few common terms to show your expertise in a specific field, but try to avoid acronyms. ATSs often can’t understand abbreviations, so be careful. Spelling and grammar are critical aspects of a resume, and avoiding them is highly beneficial.

Too much information. While it’s perfectly fine to share details and accomplishments, you shouldn’t go overboard. Keep your resume under one page. Your employer wants to see your skills and experience, not your activities or hobbies. Your objective statement should be a concise, focused summary of the purpose of your resume. Make sure it’s crafted specifically for the job you are applying for.

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