Indonesia 50 M Series – Top Indonesian Startups on Techcrunch

In the world of startups, Indonesia abounds. With a population of over 250 million, the country is an exciting place for entrepreneurs to explore.

The country has an abundance of startup talent and an entrepreneur friendly legal system that’s arguably more open to outside investment than many other countries bitsandboxes in the region, making it a hotbed for new companies. There’s also a strong and supportive ecosystem of investors that are willing to invest in the right company, regardless of their size or stage in the game.

Among the top names in the industry are AC Ventures, which is raising $80 million in its latest fund to tap into Indonesia’s vast potential. The firm will be investing in a number of promising startups including the likes of TaniHub Group, a platform for farmers to improve crop yields and sales.

The company’s founder and CEO, Kenny Widyasaty, is an Indonesian expat with a background in the gro industry, so the company has a deep understanding of what it takes to make the magic happen.

What’s more, the company has a strong track record in executing on its growth plans. It has launched a few successful pilots and is looking to expand into more markets.

One of the biggest challenges for lifeline hospital Indonesian SMEs is accessing and keeping track of financial information. KoinWorks has been able to provide a solution by using mobile technology to connect entrepreneurs and their businesses with a variety of financial services including credit, loans and insurance.

The company’s flagship product is a cloud-based financial management application that allows businesses to track their finances in one centralized place. The company also has a number of other products and services that are designed to help small businesses with everything from inventory and supply chain management to logistics and employee management. The company is currently headquartered in Jakarta and plans to launch a new headquarters in Singapore later this year.

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