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Maa TV is a telugu channel, with its main focus in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It pioneered the trend of dubbing Hindi serials. Some of the shows dubbed were balika vadhu and kaun banega karodpati. This channel also plays new releases. It is not too old to win the hearts of telugu viewers. It is the channel of stars!

Besides telecasting Telugu movies, Maa TV also offers general entertainment and music channels. The network has four channels, including Maa Gold, Maa Music, Maa Movies and Maa General Entertainment. The company will remain under the promoters, with Prasad holding 65 percent, Chiranjeevi owning 20 percent, and Akkineni Nagarjuna owning 10 per cent. Other retail investors own the remaining shares.

Maa TV began broadcasting in 2002. It has been steadily expanding its viewership against tough competition. The Maa Maha Movie Sriramadaasu is the most popular programme among woman viewers. Maa has changed its management and programming since its inception, but this hasn’t hindered its growth. Although Maa has a strong following among Telugu viewers, it is not without faults. A recent survey of its viewership shows that it is now the 5th most popular channel in the state.

As of November 2016, MAA TV is the leading Telugu TV channel in India. Its new graphics package features the Cadiz font, which is also the corporate font of Star India. The logo has been changed, but other wordmarks are still retained. Maa TV’s name is derived from the Telugu word “MAA”, which means “ours” in Telugu. The channel’s programming has an emotional connection with its viewers.

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