Non Technical Jobs For Engineers

Engineering graduates are not limited to the conventional technical roles. Non-technical jobs are also available in IT companies. In addition to being a vital part of a startup, business development jobs are essential in any company. They are responsible for informing others about the company’s products and services and act as a single point of contact for assigned and new clients. As a result, they are considered as the best job options for fresh engineering graduates. anonig

Another field that a previous engineer can pursue is in filmmaking. Filmmaking is a creative and high-budget venture, and engineers with film-making skills can land a role in it. In fact, TVF’s Anurabh Kumar switched careers from engineering to film-making, opening a world of opportunities for other like-minded graduates. Although a formal filmmaking degree isn’t necessary, a good understanding of film-making techniques goes a long way. Similarly, an engineer with leadership qualities can become a business owner. tinyzonetv

Tech companies need people in non-technical roles. These non-technical roles include media relations, marketing sales, customer service, and HR. Product-focused jobs require specialized training and work directly with the product development team and customers. While many non-technical jobs don’t require technical skills, being able to communicate with tech professionals and learn about the field will make you a better candidate.

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