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‍Moment’s hope for the schubert world: German chamber music will make its way to America by 2021. That’s right, the Berlin-based Chamber Music Society of America has been working on the grand adventure of bringing the great works of German composers back with all their originality, vitality, and charm to our shores for a century. They are known as volkstümmer and they have been composing works ever since they were invented almost five centuries ago. This year marks 100 years since their birth, and in that time, we’ve come a long way. There are still many things we don’t know about them — like how much shade they can take on an outdoor stage or how complicated it is to learn their music — but now there’s more than ever before to explore! Check out these videos for more insight into what these great cityans have in store for us.

Why we know schubert Schubert is here

The Schubert hypothesis holds that spätenrom (earlyrom) and sextet (laterom) are distinct periods in the composer’s life. This is perhaps most obvious in the case of Johannes Brahms, who was born in 1770 and was the first composer to win the Schubertforschung Prize in 1825. The Schubert hypothesis has become famous in the years since then thanks to the popularity of the film Brahms, which depicted Brahms as a complex, complex, and complex man. The film has been playing in German and American countries for many years and has also inspired many books, plays, and movies.

The Schubert canon

The Schubert canon is the collection of masterworks written between 1821 and 1831, the most famous of which is his 38 symphonies, which grew in popularity in Germany after being set to music in 1821 and first performed in 1827. Schubert’s music is often said to be mystical and magical, but his language is complex and sophisticated, making the meaning of his music difficult to decipher. This complexity has led to the Schubert canon being widely accepted as the most magical and creative work of music ever written.

Schubert’s choral works are all worth hearing

Many people, being first-time listeners, aren’t sure how to take the music they hear. They may be unsure whether they like it or not. Fortunately, there are many beautiful and useful ways to hear Schubert choral music. Bach chorales can be heard on the radio, on the radio stations of various countries, and you can always take a listen to a favorite choral work on YouTube. You can also find many wonderful recordings of the works in libraries and churches, where you can explore the choral music in person. You can also find many recordings of works in different periods and countries, including some inspiring ones about to be included in the Schubert canon.

How to score a concert of schubert

There are many different ways to perform Schubert. While many people choose to perform the works in their entirety, there are many Romantic and Classical concerto recordings that feature his work, either as a stand-in or a prelude. If you’re lucky, an admirer or two in your community may have already heard some of his works and may offer to perform them for you. If they don’t, there are many different methods to get the works heard in concert. You might want to record a concerto, or at least a recording of some portion of it, on tape or musodec. Some people also want to perform the opus numbers (according to theiraga) or suites (according to the musicologist Akademiker). This is also known as a concerto preparation.


In all these years, we’ve come a long way, baby, and there’s still much to learn about Schubert. The great thing about learning new things is that you never know how far you can take them. All you know is that you want to learn more and more, until you can’t wait anymore to start creating.

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