What are the Common Grounds for Divorce in Birmingham?

Divorce is a difficult process for both partners involved. Having a Birmingham divorce lawyer takes the process of divorce from difficult to manageable. Because there are so many personal and legal considerations we often cannot foresee, having a divorce lawyer can help alleviate some of the stress associated with this process.

Divorce lawyers in Birmingham can provide counsel for divorced individuals at all stages of their lives, whether that means new life or old life. They also offer guidance on property division, alimony or spousal support, child custody, and visitation, as well as many other issues stemming from a divorce agreement.

Let us now see into the most common grounds for divorce in Birmingham.

  • Adultery

Adultery refers to a married famousbiography person having sexual intercourse with someone other than the spouse. In fact, adultery occurs when either of the partners in a marriage has an extramarital relationship with a third party. The law is not gender specific and men as well as women can be guilty of adultery if they cheat on their spouses.

  • Desertion

Another common ground for divorce in Birmingham is desertion. This happens when your spouse voluntarily leaves you without adequate cause or without your permission. Desertion can also happen when one spouse abandons the family indefinitely. This ground for divorce is also referred to as abandonment wotpost

  • Lack of compatibility

Marital incompatibility is another ground for divorce in Birmingham. If a couple is unable to agree on certain terms, they can file for divorce on this ground. Marriage incompatibility occurs when one person in the marriage takes advantage of the other’s weaknesses. This can happen because one partner tries to prolong the marriage by omitting some decision making. 

  • Poor communication

Communication is a critical part of any relationship. When couples do not communicate well on certain matters, they can file for divorce on the ground of poor communication. In fact, communication has a key role in marriage. Unless you maintain good communication with your partner, it will be hard to solve issues that arise in any relationship.

  • Domestic violence

Another common ground for divorce in Birmingham is domestic violence. When one partner uses physical or emotional harm to control the behavior of the other, then this is considered domestic violence. Domestic violence can be physical, verbal, psychological, or sexual. This ground for divorce applies to instances where one partner has been attacked several times by the other spouse.

  • Financial crisis

Financial crisis is another common ground for newsintv divorce in Birmingham. One of the partners in marriage can file for divorce if there is an economic crisis in the family. It is also possible for a couple to file for divorce on the grounds of a financial crisis when there is a sudden loss of income.

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