What is a Useful Life Hack You Can Learn in Five Minutes?

What is a useful life hack you can pick up in five minutes? You might be surprised to know that it may not take more than five minutes to discover. It could make all the difference. It might be something as simple as untying a knot – all you need to do is twist the ends. Or, it might be something as simple as figuring out how to use highway signs to get to the safe lane on a highway. Whatever it is, you should definitely remember to keep an emergency medical card with you, especially when traveling.

For instance, your phone’s charger cable isn’t long enough to reach the floor? Instead of throwing it out, just re-route it using a plastic bottle or pair of scissors. Similarly, you can use accented letters to create secure passwords. You can also pinch the prongs of your phone’s plug for extra grip. Using hair clips can also prolong the life of headphones.

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Using old lipsticks to make your shoes last longer is another useful life hack. You can use old lipstick bottles as storage containers, and you can even re-use ketchup bottles to store pancake mix. You can also use an empty Pringle can to store pasta, and the Pringles will keep the pasta from breaking. Lastly, you can reuse an old plastic bottle top to put your cookbooks in the kitchen.

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