Why permit issued by India’s Food Safety and Standards Authority is neccesory to start a food business?

One of the crucial licences needed to start a restaurant is the FSSAI licence, commonly known as the Food License, which is obtained from the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority Of India). This licence is more than just a licence; rather, it also acts as the authority’s permission. Customers are given the assurance that the food at that particular restaurant complies with Indian requirements for food safety. Manufacturers, retailers, and restaurants are required to have this licence, which is a special 14-digit registration number that must be printed on food packaging.

How to Get Your Restaurant an FSSAI License

As soon as you have these papers in order, you may submit an application for a licence, which will likely cost you about Rs. 2000 every year for a new licence. You can log in to the FSSAI website and finish the sign-up procedure by creating a username for the registration. The application process is rather straightforward. Then log into your account and complete the online application by uploading all the necessary paperwork. Within 15 days of the date of making the online submission, submit the printout of the completed online application form along with all necessary supporting papers.

Required Documents When Applying For An FSSAI License

The list of documents required to apply for an FSSAI License is shown below.

  • ID and address verification
  • Genuine Email Id
  • Mobile Number
  • Affidavit
  • Food Safety Management Plan Declaration
  • Kitchen Design Layout
  • List Of Food Groups
  • Report on Water Testing from an ISI-approved Facility
  • Owner or partner’s No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Employee Medical Certificates

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